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Wireless Fiber Optic

WIRELESS FIBER OPTIC. Are Wireless Broadband Links type OFDM MIMO similar in speed of 1 Gbps to fiber optic cable to connect any application (voice, data, video, cellular, internet, etc.) with any location anywhere even the zones classified as dangerous ATEX zone 2, have more flexibility of communication than the fiber optic cable to connect not only fixed locations, but also mobile assets and temporary installations that can be connected to the nearest node by WIMAX networks, eliminating any communication obstacles such as:

  • Redundant Links Communication
  • Physical Barriers Mountains, Rivers and Avenues
  • Unproductive Time
  • Costs Not Expected
  • Environmental impact
  • Licenses and Obligations

Virtual fiber optic links are applicable in any sector such as:

  • Public security
  • Mining
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Automation and Telemetry
  • Asset Control
  • Seaports

PUBLIC SAFETY. Virtual fiber optic in addition to the high-speed communication benefits, it  is an excellent platform forthe transmission of video, for public safety applications.

  • Redundancy Link through mesh network.
  • Its low latency of 1 ms to capture vehicles at 120kmh.
  • Image multicast for one or more control centers.
  • Dynamic multiplexing for bandwidth efficient usage during recording and public safety activities.

DIGITALIZED MINE. Virtual fiber optics for its high-speed links and the flexibility of connecting any locality and moving assets, as well as transmitting voice, data, video, IP telephony, cellular and internet, can be useful as a transportation platform for any open pit management systems.

  • Autonomous vehicle systems.
  • Real-time monitoring of drill holes.
  • Automation systems for communicating sensors, RTUs and PLCs.
  • fleet management and tracking systems.
  • Video surveillance and log backup operations.
  • Personnel flow control
  • Stockpile management .
  • Mobile office in the field for greater collaboration and increased productivity.